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Element of Water


Water – primeval matter, the very beginning of nature; all that is alive requires water to live. Water has the ability to restore vital powers and has special healing and purifying properties.

Try Thalassotherapy – the power of the sea, known and valued for its unique detoxifying and mineralizing qualities. The iodine used in the Talasso ceremonies has a beneficial influence on the metabolism, nourishes the skin and restores harmony to the body and mind.


The very thought of a relaxing bath makes the heart beat contentedly. Baths relax muscles and influence the circulatory system. The addition of sea salt and algae purify the body. Immerse yourself in a relaxing bath…

Talasso Mare

A bath based on sea salt and laminaria algae that purifies the body, stimulates microcirculation, induces slimming, firms the body and prepares it for following treatments

20 min / 85 PLN

A Bath with salt and oil

A purifying and smoothing bath with sea salt embedded in skin care oils. Regenerates, moisturizes, nourishes and smoothes the skin

20 min / 85 PLN


Algae need water to stay alive. When we take the water away from them, they will lie dormant up until the next treatment, when, after a short moment, they are brought to life again. Our SPA therapist will immerse Thalasso Vita algae in a bowl with Atlantic water to activate their properties.

Soothing and strengthening treatment

Created for an allergic and sensitive skin with dilated capillaries. This treatment protects against the negative influence of free radicals and strengthens the skin's protective barrier

55 min / 160 PLN

Anti wrinkle treatment, strengthening

Created for more mature skin. Visibly reduces wrinkles, firms the skin and quickens epidermis regeneration; it restores the right oval shape to the face and stimulates cell regeneratio

55 min / 185 PLN

A treatment for an exceptionally masculine complexion

Created for male skin at any age, it provides optimal moisture and nourishment, reduces tiny wrinkles, skin irritation, and highlights features of the face. After this treatment, the skin is refreshed and looks fully rested

55 min / 155 PLN


Treatments for the whole body, which detoxify, drain, oxygenate and reduce fatty tissue. A unique formula allows these treatments to restore the natural condition of the body and evoke a good mood. The nourished and oxygenized skin will be shining and will radiate with a natural glow.

Steps of the treatment: body peeling, body poultice, face massage with head acupressure and a whole body massage.


Detoxifying with the Princess Anna and Prince Witold algae poultice

A poultice that purifies the body and stimulates metabolism. It releases toxins, slenderizes the body, firms it, and improves the skin condition. It is recommended for men as well as women!

80 min / 190 PLN

Slenderizing and shaping algae and juicy grapefruit poultice

A whole body treatment for every skin type and age. It activates metabolism, shapes, slenderizes and remineralizes. The use of grapefruit intensifies the slenderizing effect of the algae and adds a wonderful scent

80 min / 220 PLN

A purifying and remineralizing poultice in a brine sheet (treatment without peeling)

A whole body treatment with sheets soaked with brine. Depending on the concentration of salt, this is a fantastic way to clean the upper layers of the epidermis whilst the skin is being mineralized. A warm compress on the neck and feet stimulates the organism to purify itself. A Magic Touch face massage and head acupressure are performed during the poultice

55 min / 155 PLN


Hammam massage

An original ceremony of a massage in aromatic foam connected to the tradition of Turkish baths called hammam. On a specially prepared heated stone table, a therapist massages and peels the body with foam and in this way deeply purifies, nourishes and regenerates the skin and removes toxins. Treatment ends with a massage with the use of aromatherapeutic skin care oils that have either an energizing or soothing effect, depending on the body's needs

45 min / 160 PLN

Body Pantai Contour

An innovative massage made with salt pouches activated by hot steam created by a patented device. It gently cleans the skin while salt and algae, which are released with the warm steam, enrich the body with necessary micro and macro elements.

We offer:

  • Massage with salt pouches
  • Massage with algae pouches
  • Old India massage
  • 50 min / 210 PLN

Hotel Castle Ryn**** is a unique spot in Masuria where everybody can find something special.


Hotel Castle Ryn**** is where the very heart of Masuria is placed and the widespread history stops the time pass by.

  • Lotnisko Mazury 1:00h / 78km
  • Gdańsk 3:10h / 250km
  • Warszawa 3:30h / 240km
  • Kraków 7:30h / 530km
  • Wrocław 7:30h / 590km
  • Poznań 5:50h / 420km
  • Białystok 2:30h / 170km
  • Kaliningrad 2:05h / 135 km
  • Mińsk 6:30h / 520km
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