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Revival of vitality
In Princess Anna SPA

Set in the most peaceful place Hotel CASTLE RYN**** Princess Anna SPA is a sanctuary of luxury, beauty and tradition of the original four forces of nature elements. They magically allow you to hide from the whole world and for harmony between body, mind and soul. We will take a journey scented with fragrant oils and herbs, set in a state of bliss and relaxation almost immediately after crossing the threshold of Princess Anna SPA. Elements of life will regain vitality and you will become more beautiful, healthier and happier. Starting from the water, which is the first cause of life and purification, going to the fire-warming and energizing through the ground – giving life, the mother of all crops, to what grows and flourishes, ending in the air, which is the symbol of infinity, light and liberation.

Princess Anna SPA is a firmly established famous brand… so you can choose among the most sophisticated treatments. Each of them has its own unique approach to the needs of your body and spirit.

We have prepared special rituals nursing the beauty wrapped in an unusual odour and therapeutic touch conducive to deep relaxation.

Our comprehensive range of closing rituals hands and feet and the unique inspired by the world of massage techniques from around the world. Dedicated rituals are:

The Water Element

The Element of Fire

The Element of Earth

Air – Element

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SPA open:

Monday - Thursday 9.00 am to 8.00 pm
Friday - Saturday 9.00 am to 9.00 pm
Sunday 9.00 am to 7.00 pm

Reception of SPA:

tel. +48 87 429 7062
e-mail: spa@zamekryn.pl

Reception and Reservations:

tel.: +48 87 429 7000
fax: +48 87 429 7001
e-mail: hotel@zamekryn.pl

Marketing & Sales:

tel.: +48 87 429 7045
tel.: +48 87 429 7050
tel.: +48 87 429 7055
fax: +48 87 429 7051
e-mail: marketing@zamekryn.pl

Mazurskie Centrum Kongresowo-Wypoczynkowe "Zamek - Ryn" Sp. z o.o.

st. Plac Wolności 2, 11-520 Ryn
tel: 087/429 70 00

KRS : 0000044201, Sąd rejonowy w Olsztynie
Kapitał zakładowy: 3650000PLN
NIP:739-31-12-796, REGON: 510953863

Bank Account

PKO Bank Polski SA Regionalny Oddział Korporacyjny w Olsztynie, ul.Dąbrowszczaków 30, 10-541 Olsztyn, Polska
Wpłaty w PLN:
36 1020 3541 0000 5602 0180 1596

Hotel Castle Ryn**** is a unique spot in Masuria where everybody can find something special.


Hotel Castle Ryn**** is where the very heart of Masuria is placed and the widespread history stops the time pass by.

  • Lotnisko Mazury 1:00h / 78km
  • Gdańsk 3:10h / 250km
  • Warszawa 3:30h / 240km
  • Kraków 7:30h / 530km
  • Wrocław 7:30h / 590km
  • Poznań 5:50h / 420km
  • Białystok 2:30h / 170km
  • Kaliningrad 2:05h / 135 km
  • Mińsk 6:30h / 520km
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