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Executive Chef of the Ryński Mill Tavern

Chef Agnieszka Wesołowska is a master of the ancient art of cooking and is perfectly suited for the role of head chef in the Ryński Mill Tavern restaurant.

She has participated in many culinary competitions and has been repeatedly recognized by winning some and having placed in others.

For 20 years, she had been enriching her technique by working as a chef in many reputable restaurants in Warmia, Masuria, and Podlasie. Additionally, she developed her technique in Lithuanian restaurants.

Her specialty is old Polish cuisine. Her favorite dishes include freshwater fish, all kinds of meats, and those prepared from potatoes, as well as ... homemade desserts. The menu she has prepared will introduce your taste sensations to new heights.

Cultivating the Culinary Heritage of Warmia and Masuria, the flavors of our grandparents and their grandparents, has become her true passion. She prepares her dishes according to the idea of Cittaslow.

Her signature dish is "plińce with pomoćką", for which she won in grand style in the Regional Potato Dish Festival in 2014. If you have not had the opportunity to taste this delicacy –please visit us in the Ryński Mill Tavern.

Hotel Castle Ryn**** is a unique spot in Masuria where everybody can find something special.


Hotel Castle Ryn**** is where the very heart of Masuria is placed and the widespread history stops the time pass by.

  • Lotnisko Mazury 1:00h / 78km
  • Gdańsk 3:10h / 250km
  • Warszawa 3:30h / 240km
  • Kraków 7:30h / 530km
  • Wrocław 7:30h / 590km
  • Poznań 5:50h / 420km
  • Białystok 2:30h / 170km
  • Kaliningrad 2:05h / 135 km
  • Mińsk 6:30h / 520km
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