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Sep 2023
Sep 2023
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Hotel Zamek Ryn


Duchess Anna’s Spa &Wellness is a place where ancient rituals meet modern therapy. Our Guests will be able to try out both our original beauty treatments and therapy sessions of today.

Stress is said to be the “illness of the century”, which is why, as a result of our cooperation with specialists and by using analytical tools, we created the Stress Reduction Centre. Our original programmes and treatments will meet the expectations of even the most demanding guests.

The range of treatments offered at the Duchess Anna’s SPA in the Stress Reduction Centre reflects the 4 pillars of healthy body and calm spirit.

DE-STRESS – for those who feel the burden of everyday life, struggle with insomnia, depression or chronic fatigue

PRO-VITAL – renewal, regeneration and immune system boost. The programme and a selection of treatments addressed to people who have suffered from prolonged illnesses, Covid-19 or other ailments, but also to those who would like to improve their immunity and fitness.

PRO-SHAPE – a strong, healthy body at any age, for everyone. The stress in our body often accumulates in the form of toxins or extra weight. Our treatments and programmes are designed to cure your body.

PRO-AGING & BEAUTY – beauty at its finest and purest. Face and body rituals will not only improve your looks, but also provide unforgettable experiences. Programmes offered in this series are soothing, re-energising and restore the healthy skin glow.

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