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Jun 2023
Jun 2023
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Hotel Zamek Ryn
Saunarium in Duchess Anna's SPA
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Saunarium in Duchess Anna's SPA

It includes the Bread Sauna, the Herbal House, the 4 Elements Sauna, the Golden Bath - Sea Buckthorn, a flotation pool and a tub with cold water.

The Bread Sauna

is a unique place. Enzymes released during the bread baking process soothe our senses, increase our lust for life and stimulate metabolism. Huddled around the oven on seats warmed with hot air, feel free to succumb to the feeling of relaxation and bliss.


The Herb Cottage

provides great inhalation sessions, relaxation for the spine and overall health with the help of a 40°C hay steam inhalation. The steam generators are installed under the seats behind the guests’ backs, which allows the humid air passing through the hay to release essential oils and other substances with beneficial effect on our bodies.

Our body relaxes and blood circulation is gently stimulated. The heat emanating from behind relaxes the shoulders, spine and back. The treatment is recommended especially after physical effort (in the Herb Cottage you will find 3 hay steam inhalation stations, 4 water beds and a steam generator).


The Four Elements Sauna

is a place where you can experience intense sensations by awaking all your senses – learning about the elements of earth, water, fire and air in a unique way. Each second is recorded in history in the rain forest, the North Sea, the volcano and the desert.

At 80°C you will lose yourself in the cross-fade of water, warm air, colours, sounds and smells, each time in a uniquely selected scenery. The guardians of the elements guide us during each session through magical imagery which serves as a means to contact the power of each element.  


The Golden Bath – the Sea Buckthorn

is a unique hybrid of a sauna and a steam bath which operates by utilizing the properties and components of an amazing sea buckthorn bush, also known as the Siberian Gold. The conditions inside the bath are mild: the temperature reaches 40-45°C while the humidity is kept at 70-80%. That is why it is perfect for so many people – also those who find the Finnish sauna too onerous. The most important feature of the sauna is a steam fireplace topped with a bowl full of sea buckthorn fruit.

Air inhalation with sea buckthorn filled to the brim with beneficial components elevates the mood, helps to relax and boost regeneration processes in the body. Soft, orange glow perfectly culminates the experience. Chromotherapy in this form influences the body, the mind and the soul and – by focusing on the causes – helps stimulate the self-healing processes.

Energy, cleansing and stimulation

based on stimulation of the senses with changing stimuli and removal of toxins

A cold water bath tub at the swimming pool zone


A chill out spot


A mini lobby with a vital-bar



Dla Gości Hotelowych
Poniedziałek  - Niedziela w godz. 08.00 - 22.00
Wstęp dla Gości Hotelowych jest bezpłatny w ramach noclegu.
Dla Gości spoza Hotelu
Poniedziałek - Czwartek w godz. 16.00 - 22.00, Niedziela w godz. 13.00 - 22.00
Cena biletu (saunarium, basen): 79,00 PLN/ Osoba, bez limitu czasowego.
Saunarium przeznaczone jest wyłącznie dla osób pełnoletnich.

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