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Jun 2023
Jun 2023
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Golf Academy
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Golf Academy

Imagine a game of golf on the most famous golf fields in the world, relax in a unique, four-star hotel and at the same time a fourteenth-century Teutonic castle in Masuria.

Enjoy the game throughout the year with the advanced, probably the best golf simulator BO GOLF ELITE in Poland. You are in the RYN CASTLE**** Hotel .The place where history dating back to the Middle Ages combines with the 500-year tradition of this unusual and prestigious game for gentlemen.  

JACEK PERSON ABOUT THE GOLF SIMULATOR: " The BO Golf simulator at the Castle Ryn hotel surprised me very positively. The six-meter wide screen makes an amazing impression and lets you lose yourself in the game. A wide selection of the most famous golf courses from around the world allows me to play on holes, which until now I knew only from television.  The greatest impression on me was the accuracy with which the simulator read and predicted the flight of the ball. The combination of these three elements has provided me with hours of great and realistic golf fun in the middle of Polish winter." Jacek Person - connected with golf since childhood. Multiple Polish representative in this discipline on the international arena. Currently, Polish junior team coach and TV commentator. He is associated with Nike Golf and Sobienie Performance Academy on a daily basis.  

"BO GOLF ELITE" simulator set "Panoramic (concave) screen, 6.0 m wide and 3.0 m high, showing the visualization of golf courses and the flight of the ball - taking over the balls. TEE-BOX mat for making ball hits not only from the turf but also from the TEE peg. A set of cameras and backlight with infrared light combined with a computer system converting the impact force and horizontal and vertical rotation of the ball, which allows visualization of its flight and position to stop on the golf course. A computer set with speakers, a keyboard and a mouse equipped with software enabling the implementation of individual simulator functions. A video projector connected to a computer system displaying the presented images on the concave screen. A computer camera on a tripod that allows recording and slow-motion playback and analysis of golf swing during training and during the game.

Pre-programmed functions of the "BO GOLF ELITE" simulator: Golf swing training on the driving range with the possibility of analyzing each hit and particular swing stages on the video from videokamera. Training of the accuracy of shots on the fireway marked with shooting targets. Playing full golf rounds in the 50 most famous fields in Europe and North America with weather parameters (wind, sun, rain) and time settings (time per day). The possibility of playing tournaments in various formats (eg Strokeplay, Matchplay, Net, Gross). The ability to play duels on distance, online with opponents from any country on the Earth Globe. Archiving results and progress in the game. The ability to conduct extremely effective golf lessons. fun from 1 to 4 people.

Golf equipment is included in the rental price - balls and poles.


Monday - Thursday Friday - Sunday, Holidays

"Be golf elite"

50 pln/hour

next hours

(2 - 40 pln/hour)

(3 - 30 pln/hour)

70 pln/hour

next hours

(2 - 60 pln/hour)

(3 - 50 pln/hour)

A lesson with an instructor additionally pay 50 PLN / hour. For hotel guests renting apartments and Junior Suite rooms at RACK RATE prices 1 hour of play on the golf simulator included in the price. Season ticket for 10 hours to be used within 30 days with a 10% discount.

GolfArena is an easy-to-use social networking site that brings together Golfers. Through the portal, you can arrange a round of golf, follow statistics and find a partner for the game. It offers a ranking competition and a fight for prizes - points earned on the golf course can be exchanged for attractive prizes! Thanks to GolfArena, the social round on the field becomes something more! Guests of our hotel (ie people who spend at least one night with us) who are registered users of the portal, have the opportunity to use the hour of playing golf on the simulator free of charge.

We invite you:
Monday - Friday from 15.00 - 22.00

Saturday - Sunday 12.00 - 22.00

 reception desk tel. 87 429 7000 or restaurant 87 429 7018.

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